Imnada Lexicon

Berenth. The night of the last quarter moon. This begins the period when the Imnada’s powers to shift at will begin to ebb and it becomes both more difficult and more dangerous.

Bloodline scrolls. The written history and genealogies created and maintained by the Ossine. These records are used to select mates for the Imnada from the five clans.

Clan mark. The crescent symbol tattooed on the upper backs of the male members of the Imnada, signifying their full acceptance into the clan upon their majority. Both males and females are also marked mentally with a signum identifying their clan affiliation and holding.

Emnil. An exile who has been formally sentenced by the Gather and had his clan mark and signum removed and their names erased from the Ossine’s bloodline scrolls. An emnil is considered dead to the clan and his life forfeit if he attempts any contact with a clan member or a return to clan lands.

Enforcer. —The warrior arm of the Ossine whose job it is to track down and eliminate any potential threat to the Imnada.

Fealla Mhòr. The Great Betrayal: the betrayal and murder of the last king of Other, Arthur, by the Imnada warlord Lucan. This event triggered a vengeful purge of the Imnada by the Fey-bloods, who had always mistrusted and feared the shapechangers.

Fey-bloods. (slang) Also known as the Other. Men and women who possess the blood and magical powers of the Fey.

Gateway. The door between earth and the galaxy where the Imnada first originated.

Gather. The ruling council of the Imnada, consisting of seven members: the clan leader from each of the five clans, the head of the Ossine, and the Duke of Morieux, who is hereditary leader over the five clans.

Idrin the Traveller. Among the first Imnada to come through the Gateway and settle on Earth. He is considered the father of their race and from his seed the five clans sprang.

Imnada. A race of shapechangers and telepaths divided into five clans overseen by the ruling Gather. They wield no magical powers though they are sensitive to its presence and can identify those who possess magic. At first they existed peacefully with the magical race of Other but when the Imnada betrayed King Arthur to his death, they were hunted down in the wars and uprisings that followed. In the ensuing centuries, those who survived grew reclusive and fiercely suspicious of all outsiders to the point that most believe the Imnada no longer exist.

Krythos. Also known as a far-seeing disk. A notched glass disk about 2.5 inches in diameter. It is used to augment and amplify the Imnada’s natural telepathic abilities over long distances.

Lucan. Leader of the clans during King Arthur’s reign. He conspired with Morgana, the king’s half-sister to place her son Mordred upon the throne. His betrayal led to Arthur’s murder. He was captured by the Fey for his treachery and imprisoned within the Dragon’s Stone for all eternity.

Morderoth. —The night of the new moon when the shift is impossible for the Imnada.

Mother Goddess. The moon from which the Imnada derive their magical powers.

Ossine. Shamans and spiritual advisers to the clans, they tend to be the strongest and most powerful of the Imnada. They maintain the bloodline scrolls used for selecting each Imnada mating pair. They protect the Imnada from out-clan interference with their armed militia of enforcers, and from their ranks is chosen the keeper of Jai Idrish, the Imnada’s most sacred relic and the key to the Gateway.

Other. See Fey-blood.

Out-clan. Slang for someone who is not a member of the five clans.

Pathing. Speaking mind to mind. Imnada can use this telepathy to speak to one another over short distances or when they are in their animal aspect. For longer distances, they use the amplifying power of the krythos to connect with each other mentally.

Priestesses of High Danu. An order of Other women devoted to a contemplative life in service and devotion to the gods.

Palings. Magical mists conjured and maintained by the Ossine of each clan. They are used as a natural force field, disguising and shunting people away from the hidden holdings. In recent years, these warded fields have weakened as the clans’ powers have weakened.

Realing. A magical servant bound to a specific person or place.

Rogue. An unmarked shapechanger without clan or hold affiliation. 

Signum. The mental imprint set on every shapechangers mind at birth by the Ossine. It identifies clan affiliation and rank. Those cast out of the clans have their signum stripped denoting their outlaw status. 

Silmith. The night of the full moon when the shift comes easiest and the powers of the Imnada are at their height.

Warriors of Scathach (Amhas-draoi). An Other brotherhood of warrior mages who serve as guardians between the Fey and human worlds.

Ynys Avalenn. Also known as the Summer Kingdom, this is the realm of the Fey.

Youngling. A child of the Imnada who has not yet reached maturity or been marked.

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