Other Titles

Heirs of Kilronan Trilogy

The Heirs of Kilronan trilogy follows one family’s struggle to stop a madman from resurrecting King Arthur as part of a plot to instigate a war between Other and Mortal.

Earl of Darkness Lord of ShadowsHeir of Danger

Alexa Egan Titles

The Imnada Brotherhood

The Imnada Brotherhood is a series about a race of shapechangers who have lived secretly as human for thousands of years and would do anything to guard their existence from a dangerous outside world.

Awaken the Curse Demon's CurseUnleash the CurseShadow's Curse CursedWarrior's Curse

The Bligh Family

Behind the well-ordered Regency world of country balls and damped muslin lies the mysterious and dangerous world of the Other, mortals who carry the magical blood of the Fey. Not quite human, not quite faery, but something in between.

Wicked as Midnight Dangerous as SinForbidden as Forever